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Verity Law provides general and specialized counsel in business, commercial and financial transactions. Jay Rosloniec has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. Our clients include financial institutions and companies in various industries.

Verity Law assists in the formation and organization of all types of business organizations, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. We guide the client through the choice of entity by understanding the prospective core business goals and strategies, and we aid the client in developing a management, capital and tax structure that meets the organization's needs. We advise clients with respect to corporate governance matters, including fiduciary duties of managers, officers and directors.

Verity Law recognizes that starting off on the right foot in any business enterprise is critical.  Jay Rosloniec has counseled entrepreneurs and investors in the critical first steps toward establishing a foothold in a new business enterprise. We help to provide the necessary focus and guidance in how to position the business for market entry and lay the groundwork for successful operations. We assist in all phases of this process, including: entity selection and structure; due diligence to ensure that assets are properly protected and secured; securing employee commitments; establishing relationships with vendors and suppliers; acquiring necessary financing; negotiating lease and other capital acquisition needs; and a host of other areas. We work with you as part of the entrepreneurial team through these critical stages with the goal of ensuring a successful and long-enduring business

Verity Law excels at a wide variety of acquisition transactions, such as: mergers; purchases or sales of assets or stock; and tax-free reorganizations.  Although each transaction's circumstances are unique, every sale or purchase of a business inevitably requires consideration of issues in a number of different areas of law in which Jay Rosloniec is experienced, including: tax; real estate; environmental law; employment; and general business law.

Verity Law assists clients in forming and organizing entities that are non-profit under State law, with a focus on ensuring that they will be classified under the proper statutes to obtain tax-exempt status. Once these organizations are formed, we provide advice to the directors and officers of the organization with regard to their fiduciary duties, and with regard to the ongoing limitations to the organization's operations and management as based on state law and federal income tax principles.

Business Law

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